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The New General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)


The new GDPR is an evolution of the EU’s existing data rules, the Data Protection Directive (DPD). It addresses many of the shortcomings in the DPD: adding requirements for documenting IT procedures, performing risk assessments under certain conditions, notifying the consumer and authorities when there is a breach, as well as strengthening rules for data minimization. There are tough penalties’ with fines of up to 4% of annual global revenue or €20 million whichever is greater.

It’s important to note that the EU GDPR covers personal data, whether it is stored on paper or digitally. As digitally stored data is easier to secure, maintain, and backup, it makes more sense than ever, to digitise all you hard copy files with a high-speed Document Scanner from

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The GDPR will be effective from May 2018, so now is a good time to start digitising all your paper files.  If you need help or advice please call us 1890 827 857, or email

EU_GDPR Infographic